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Manic Stanley are a four-piece outfit from Suffolk. Formed in early 2023, with the joint goal of creating an eclectic catalogue of music. The groups’ music encompasses a broad range of genre bases and influences; from Psychedelic Punk, Acid Rock, Metal, and Britpop. To Post-Punk, Emo, Shoegaze and Indie-Pop influences. 

The group is comprised of founding members Bunnie Harris and Toby Gillett. In addition, Dom Neville and Raz Thrower as later additions respectively.

Fronted by singer-guitarist Bunnie, guitarist Toby, bassist-singer Dom and kept in time by drummer Raz. Each bringing their own unique style to the group.

While all new to the group, each member has been in and around the music scene of Bury St. Edmunds for a number of years. Either in other bands, or appreciators of the music the area creates. While Raz and Dom (Grey Clouds) have performed alongside each other in the past, Bunnie, and Toby (The Daze) were both unacquainted previously.

With music in the pipeline for release in the autumn of 2023, the band are ready and raring to go, for the upcoming year, and foreseeable future. With an energetic but basic stage performance style, they create a somewhat manic and tense atmosphere accompanied by a massive reverberant sound.


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