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"Linzi and White have got so much right with Queens Road Studios - great advice from a seasoned musician , a real proactive approach to promoting the bands and getting them gigs but most of all creating a relaxed, fun and nurturing space where young people can gain confidence, explore their creativity and lead their own bands outside of a school environment."

"Queens Road Studio has made our son Morgan into a confident young man. Writing music with his band mates has been a fantastic achievement, especially with Linzi and White mentoring the band. Being in a band makes good team work and more importantly keeps them off their phones!! "

"My son is studying GCSE music, being part of QRS has supported his studies, as he’s no longer learning an instrument in isolation, but is working in a team to create music. His drumming tutor has said that his playing has improved by being part of the band too. Linzi and White have been extremely supportive, since he joined the band and have helped teach him new skills, whilst creating a fun environment to do so. QRS is a highlight of my sons week."

"Queens Road Studio is a fun, friendly and dynamic team. Linzi and White are absolute stars. They perfectly balance encouragement through rehearsals and gigging with fun by creating a family vibe. All bands encourage and support each other, it's great to be a part of."

"Through Queens Road Studio, my son has not only developed his skill set but has grown hugely in confidence. I can't recommend it more highly. "

"My daughter is in Queen Dogs She enjoys it so very much. She has grown in her confidence as a performer and the confidence spills into other areas of her life. Linzi and White put so much into the rehearsals. Choosing really exciting and challenging songs. The gigs that Queen Dogs have played have been fantastic from festivals, professional music venues to entertaining the crowds  at the Christmas market. Its just wonderful - we love being part of the Queens Road Studio."

"Both of our daughters are in bands with QRS. Not only have they become more accomplished musicians, confident performers but they can now compose songs (our youngest is 11 yrs old). The impact on QRS has been huge on both of our girls and has also pulled our whole family together"