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The Daze storm BurySOUND 2020 winning Heat 1.
"The first to progress to the final were THE DAZE. Punk rock reinvented. A young band with an awkwardness about them that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable but it suited their punk rawness. These guys were full of high energy angst with real rebelliousness. A diruptive enery filled the room which you couldnt take your eyes off. Thier sound was fantastic and I liked the way the singers took it in turns to lead a song, it really worked and Flo added a uniqueness. It was like seeing something special for the first time."    
Review from The Grapevine written by Hayley Clapperton 10th Feb 2020
20th March - Bury Sound Final @ The Apex

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EP - Stares Like Stone (2019)

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THE DAZE are an Angst band formed in May 2017 at Queens Road Studio.

The original members include lead vocalist Albert and drummer Dylan (whom the band was named after due to the 'Dylan Daze') In May 2018, guitarist and vocalist Flo joined and the band developed a new dynamic with Albert and Flo switching roles, song dependent. Then guitarist Toby joined spring 2019 and  deepening the sound with his bass is Ulas, who has joined January 2020.

The Daze have just released their EP "Stares like Stone" which came 4th in the top EPs released in East Anglia in 2019.

The band are renowned for entertaining the crowd with their high energy stage presence, swapping of singers and musicians and their short, sharp, catchy numbers all concluded with a massive, mad, drum, solo by Dylan.

"One of my favourite bands" Seymour Quigley - The Washing Machine Club

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Bury Sound Final Review by The
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